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"Best Executive Recruitment Consultancy 2020 – Scotland" with the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2020

Balfour Wilson Recruitment are definitely ready to put 2020 behind us.  Moira and I are proud that we have survived quite possibly our quietest year in business as have most other companies but we have managed to weather this storm and are confident that we can only go from strength to strength.  Our dedication and commitment to our clients and candidates is always at the forefront of our business minds and without them , there would be no BWR. It is through our commitment to these relationships that we build that we are recognised by others in the recruitment industry for our hard work.

Therefore BWR are proud to shout out that we have won:

“Best Executive Recruitment Consultancy 2020 – Scotland” with the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2020.

This is an outstanding achievement to have won and of which we are incredibly proud of.  We know that next year can only be better and hopefully with a better years comes more wonderful awards.