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Don't Forget About You!

Caley was really fortunate to attend a workshop on Tuesday 3rd December 2019, ran by Alan Clark of Take Your Marks Ltd, the session was called “Getting Your Head In The Game”.

What sold me on attending this session was “You’ve been staring into space for the past 10 minutes. There are 20 different things to be getting on with but you’re just not feeling it. Energy and motivation levels are low. For whatever reason – and there are hundreds of possibilities – you’re just a bit flat.”

Alan advised that most people feel like this at some point during the day. The problem is our modern working practises can promote it. We are designed to think, and we are designed to move yet so many of the things we do at work mean we don’t do either.  And this is detrimental to our Health and Wellbeing.

What this workshop did for the people in attendance was challenge their working cultures and behaviours, placing Health and Wellbeing at the very centre of their working day. Over a stimulating, thought provoking and entertaining two hours we examined some of the latest research and thinking whilst also using practical solutions that we could integrate into our working day.

What I found to be by far the most interesting point was that the average person can sustain a level of interest for around 14 minutes before their mind wanders, this being the point that we stop being productive at what we were doing.  What I now understand is that this is absolutely normal and that I do need to allow my brain to take that time out, have all of it’s useless thoughts and once I have done this, then return to the task at hand.  This being where mindfulness comes into play.  This could be completing a word search, Sudoku, reading a chapter of your book or even just going for a quick walk around the office.

Mental and Physical Health are more important that ever before with so many of us working longer hours and spending less time on “us”.  Therefore I encourage you to look at which has really helpful material on what you can do in and out the workplace to help keep you healthy and happy.