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The Importance of Goal Setting!

“Goal setting is the process of deciding what you want to accomplish and devising a plan to achieve the result you desire.”

Many moons ago back in June 2017, Moira and I sat gin in hand and started to compile our first set of goals for Balfour Wilson Recruitment, oblivious to the fact that these would be ever changing, never stay the same and always get bigger.

Fast forward to October 2019 and some of these goals are still the same, we definitely have new ones and we absolutely have much BIGGER plans that we ever thought we would.

We know this because we finally got the time to sit down today in the gorgeous and quaint restaurant in Lochcarron Visitor Centre in Selkirk.  Unfortunately no gin this time but a much needed steaming cup of tea and coffee for a dreekit day like today.

We have had discussions over the years about our goals but due to our quick success and growth we sometimes struggled to find the time to re-address these goals and see where the business is at.

Balfour Wilson Recruitment was successful in gaining a placement with the Royal Bank of Scotland on their Accelerator programme.  Effectively this is a business school that has been established by the RBS to take start ups and existing businesses and coach and mentor them to grow and succeed.  I myself spent Tuesday and Wednesday being inducted into the programme and “goal setting” was one of the key themes which was also the refreshing reminder that Moira and I needed to catch up.

Our meeting today was honest, exciting, scary and fun.  We got so much out of the meeting that I don’t think we had even considered some of the plans we have made.  We agreed that time is something we have not had much of lately and to be successful we need to ensure we make time to have these regular time outs and keep discussing how we grow and develop and move forward.

Moira and I have agreed to have a “goal meeting” every month to ensure we are fulfilling our own promises to ourselves and the business to ensure Balfour Wilson Recruitment grows to become the preferred recruitment agency for clients and candidates moving forward.