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Sourcing the Best Talent

We take great pride in understanding the aims, goals and objectives of our clients, ensuring that we source only the best talent for your vacancy.


We will not only advertise your role but actively headhunt talent to ensure we source the best candidates for your position.

Generalist Recruiters

We are experts at sourcing candidates from every industry sector. Taking the time to understand your business needs ensures that we find the best candidate for your vacancy.

At Balfour Wilson Recruitment Specialists Ltd we specialise in assisting our client’s to source high calibre professionals to work within their organisations

Hiring a new employee is a time consuming yet vitally important process. Here are some of the benefits of using Balfour Wilson Recruitment Specialists Ltd in the search for your new employee:


In business, time is money and using Balfour Wilson Recruitment Specialists Ltd to source your ideal candidate will save you time as we we will take care of the initial steps of the hiring process for you. If you currently post a job using job boards, social media, radio and newspapers, there is a strong chance you will receive hundreds of CVs, the majority of which will not be qualified, or will simply not be right for the job. Finding the right applicants to interview will involve a considerable investment of your valuable time, which could be used more effectively in other aspects of your business.


It is often assumed that bringing recruitment in-house will result in a cost saving to your business.  However, when you take a closer look at the cost implications of finding the ideal candidate the costs start to add up.  Depending upon your preferred advertising method there will always be the initial outlay for the cost of the advert from £5 to £500 depending upon your chosen method.  Added to that, you need to think about the valuable staffing costs that need to be allocated to administer and facilitate the recruitment process from sifting through the endless CVs, initial conversations, the list goes on and these all take time and as previously stated, time is money.

Access to the BEST

In addition to sorting through submitted applications, Balfour Wilson Recruitment Specialists Ltd will also have access to the best talent available. This includes access to talent that is currently employed elsewhere. These qualified individuals can work discreetly with a recruitment agency when they are looking for a new challenge and opportunity. Balfour Wilson Recruitment Specialists Ltd also have our own database of qualified applicants looking for a new career challenge to pull from directly.  The next time you have an available position, you can fill it quickly and satisfactorily.

We would relish the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how Balfour Wilson Recruitment Specialists Ltd can bring a fresh and innovative approach to attracting potential candidates for your vacancies.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Balfour Wilson Recruitment Specialists Ltd, we take great pride in providing exceptional customer service to our clients.  Since our launch in June 2017, Balfour Wilson Recruitment Ltd have successfully won a number of awards for recruitment services provided to clients and candidates within the UK. We have found that once a client has used our service, they return time after time.  Reputation is so important and we constantly ensure that every client receives the same level of exceptional service, no matter the size of their operation.

We are very proud to be a boutique agency as we want to ensure that the service delivered to our clients is consistent and personal to their needs.  This means that we do not have an extensive wage bill that needs to financed at the cost of our clients every month.

Balfour Wilson Recruitment Specialists Ltd have proven time and time again that you don’t need a ‘specialist’ recruitment agency to find your next candidate.  To date we have found candidates to fill a myriad of roles.  We treat every day as a school day and love learning about the intricacies of your complex and specialist roles. This ensures that when we are finding your ideal candidate we fully understand what is involved in the role and that only the most suitable candidates are submitted to you for consideration.

We’ve really enjoyed working with Balfour Wilson Recruitment and you have provided us with one of the most seamless and productive agency relationships – I’d be more than happy to work with you further providing we get the same quality we’ve had from you so far.

Client - Energy Sector

Over the past 19 months, we’ve engaged Balfour Wilson for three different levels of staff searches (Senior Management, Mid-Level Management and Support Staff). Each time, the Candidates they sent us were successful and they have become our go-to agency. For our most recent post we went straight to Moira and Caley and secured our first-choice Candidate within two days- and saved ourselves two weeks of interviews. I would unconditionally recommend them.

General Manager - IT Client

We have worked with Balfour Wilson Specialists on a number of occasions now, on roles of varying levels and complexities. No matter how complex the role, they always manage to pull it out the bag.

Recruitment Manager - Social Housing Sector

Moira and Caley are lovely ladies and a pleasure to deal with, they are certainly not the typical “pushy” recruitment consultants who I try to avoid, they build their business on long lasting relationships and they take the time to fully understand your business requirements. A pleasure to deal with.

HR Manager - Manufacturing

A friendly, professional recruitment company who worked hard to find the right person for our vacancy. We were impressed that all the candidates put forward were of a high standard.

HR Manager - Real Estate Sector

Balfour Wilson are a forward-thinking company with an extremely professional approach to recruitment.
No Jargon or recruitment hype, just honesty and a real human feel.
I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to find the right job or the right person

SHEQ Assurance Engineer - Candidate, Manufacturing Sector

For our most recent post we went straight to Balfour Wilson and secured our first-choice candidate within two days and saved ourselves two weeks of interviews. I would unconditionally recommend them.

HR Manager - IT Sector

I have never worked with an agency that ensures that the candidates forwarded for our vacancies, not only have the right experience but are the right fit for our team dynamic.

Recruitment Manager - Finance & Accountancy Sector