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It’s been 12 weeks since we temporally closed the doors on Balfour Wilson Recruitment, and in all honesty I was thinking we would be back at the latest a couple of weeks later.

In those 12 weeks we have seen absolute devastation brought to the doors of families and businesses around the world. So many people have lost their lives to this horrible and cruel virus and so many families have and will mourn for family members that were taken far too soon.

With lock down restrictions easing in Scotland and now being in Phase 1, there has been tears of sadness and joy as people have been allowed to see others family and friends from a safe distance.

We must continue to comply with our First Ministers plan and continue as we are to allow us to step forward into a new type of normal, slowly and cautiously.

Within the devastation of this virus, our very own beautiful Scottish Borders people have felt not just the loss of family members, but the loss of jobs also. We were both devastated to hear of the job losses that will be coming from Spark Energy in Selkirk, Mainettis and Starrets in Jedburgh and also various hotel closures and redundancies including Peebles Hydro.

In my 10+ years of living in this area, what I know about the Scottish Borders people, is that they are strong and resilient and rally together when times are hard, they support and encourage and stand strong. More than ever this needs to be done. We need to share news of new businesses coming to the area, tell friends and families about jobs you have seen and heard that may be relevant to them.

Moira and I are still in a period of coming back to work slowly, as you know, our business thrives when our clients thrive and so right now this is a waiting game for us also.

We believe strongly that we will come out of this stronger and better, it will be difficult for the next few months but if we stand together, there isn’t anything the Scottish Borders people cannot do, and I am proud to be part of that group and live in this beautiful part of Scotland. The best part ❤️

To our clients and candidates, hold tight and we will see you all soon. Please get in touch if you need any further information or have specific, immediate issues that you need support with on 07759882542 (Caley) or 07709447142 (Moira) or at

In the meantime, stay safe and be kind.


Caley & Moira